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How to share your brand story, build trust and boost sales

Once upon a time, people preferred to buy from other people, in real life—not from faceless online corporations like Amazon or Walmart (that's a newer phenomenon).

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7 unsubscribe best practices for email marketers

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Keep your break ups classy with these unsubscribe best practices for email marketers.

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Turn data privacy transparency into your brand advantage

As society continues to shift online, opportunities for building a business and brand become unlimited. Data collection technology makes it possible to figure out what customers..

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4 ways review apps help build trust for your eCommerce store

Looking for ways to boost trust in your eCommerce store? Review Apps can help! 

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How to protect your small business from a data privacy disaster

eCommerce businesses continuously collect customer data. Some of this data is critical to business operations, and some is personal customer data. Either way, this comes with the..

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