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Why you need permission to share your customers' content (UGC) for eCommerce

What is user-generated content (UGC)? User-generated content, or UGC for short, is compelling marketing material like high-quality customer photos, videos, reviews, or..

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The 10 best Shopify apps to increase customer trust and security

If you want to maximise ecommerce sales, it’s vital that your store is safe and trusted! Here’s our round-up of 10 apps that can help instantly...

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5 top Shopify Agencies in the UK & Ireland

We all want to work with the best Shopify Agencies – but how can you choose the right partner for your brand? Whether you’re building your very first store or looking to..

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Why data privacy is good for online business

In today's fast-paced digital world, privacy is more than just a box-ticking exercise. It represents a genuine opportunity to enhance and improve your business. 

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make it easy for customers to update their personal information

Make it easy for ecommerce customers to request and update personal information

One of the most important things you can do for your eCommerce business is to build trust with customers through clear communication.

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build trust on your dropshipping store today

5 easy ways to build trust in your dropshipping store

How can you build trust in your dropshipping store? Read on to discover the quick wins that can help you see real results.

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Here's what you need to know about GDPR for Shopify

Since May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation has impacted companies of all sizes worldwide. This set of rules and regulations were put in place to control the way..

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5 reasons you need to update your eCommerce privacy page today

When was the last time you reviewed your ecommerce store’s privacy policy? 

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4 steps to choosing the best Shopify Privacy Policy template in 2021

Searching for the best privacy policy template for your Shopify store in 2021? Here are four factors to keep in mind when making your decision...

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5 must-have pages every Shopify store needs to convert more customers

So your Shopify store is up and running smoothly, and we couldn’t be more excited for you! With so much of your time focused on generating sales for your store through top-notch..

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